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D-Link, Boston advance the wireless revolution

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Asterisk VoIP News reports on Boston's pilot program to deploy a municipal WiFi network.

Asterisk also relays an announcement that D-Link has launched a new WiMAX router:
According to D-Link, the router is an ideal, cost-effective alternative for delivering a fast and secure broadband connection to consumers who are not reachable by DSL or Cable broadband services. The router is easy to install, provides coverage for an entire home, and can be managed from a service provider's central office.
Great news for people in rural communities who have been left frustrated without broadband options -- great news for ISPs because they get to charge more money for high speed services. Win-win.

Great news for VoIP providers and the SIP community as well. Widespread mobile VoIP service can't be very far behind...


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