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The Cloud, Skype, make (a little) headway in the WiFi revolution

Friday, October 13, 2006

The Cloud, a WiFi provider that operates over 8,500 hotspots in Europe, has partnered with SMC, a network hardware provider, and Skype, the well-known VoIP provider, to make mobile VoIP calls slightly easier. (press release)

SMC has introduced a new WiFi Skype phone and The Cloud is having a limited promotion for people who own this new SMC phones.

It's a step in the right direction, I'll give them that. While it doesn't fundamentally change a whole lot, at least it's creating publicity about the onset of mobile VoIP. But if you watch their commercial, you'd think this was the first phone to ever link VoIP to WiFi. Of course, we know these phones already exist. Skype has also had Skype Mobile for some time now, and it works on all these supported devices.

More WiFi phones emerge, while more WiFi hotspots come online each day. It appears that VoIP and WiFi will have a long and happy marriage. A true match made in heaven.


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