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Eight states to pilot Mobile VoIP over xMax/WiFi

Monday, October 16, 2006

Far Reach Technologies is set to deploy mobile VoIP services in 76 markets across eight states, starting with Volusia County, Florida in March 2007. The wireless networks will use xMax technology, developed by xG, and access will be offered for a flat rate.

According to TMCnet:
xG announced in July that it was launching a development program with regional operators to build a U.S. wide mobile phone service using xMax handsets with VoIP. Two manufacturers are now building handsets with xMAX chips. These phones, which will be branded as xG phones, will deliver seamless hand-off between xMAX and WiFi systems.
In a March 2006 press release, xG announced their new handsets would include xMax and WiFi chips alongside Ethernet jacks to enable users to plug into VoIP networks. I just question the need for Ethernet jacks in an age when even the smallest of small businesses use WiFi. Perhaps xG will reconsider.

No doubt this will a development to watch for as the wireless revolution marches onward.


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