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LiveJournal and Gizmo partner for LJ Talk

Sunday, October 15, 2006

GigaOM reports that the blogging and social networking tool, LiveJournal, has incorporated a VoIP feature for chatting and voice posting, using the open Jabber protocol. They call it LJ Talk, and it was developed in partnership with Gizmo Project for smooth integration into LiveJournal users' accounts. Here's what Om has to say:
The software has all the usual trimmings, but what is cool (not a business word, clearly) is the icons displayed on the LiveJournal website and in the software show online presence of friends (available, away or offline). Furthermore, users can update their LiveJournal content via instant messages, or by using the software to record “voice posts” without leaving their computers, ideal for International users who wish to avoid the high cost of calling U.S.-based access numbers.
For more info, go check out the LiveJournal News Update.


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