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Is it really such a Far Reach?

Monday, October 16, 2006

Garrett, from Smith on VoIP, isn't holding his breath for Far Reach's announced deployment of Mobile VoIP in 76 markets:
What makes me skeptical of this news is the fact that I have never heard of xG Technology, “the greatest technical advance in RF communications in 100 years” or Far Reach Technology, a small, regional ISP.
While I partly share his skepticism, I'm optimistic for two reasons. From the TMCnet article, it will supposedly cost only $50,000 for a base station that can cover a market of 30,000 subscribers. This, coupled with the claim to have at least $100 million in financial backing from some major institutions, gives me hope that this regional ISP can pull it off.

After all, whoever heard of Skype four years ago?


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