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VoIP Service Blog on Blue Box Podcast

Friday, November 17, 2006

Thanks to both Dan and Jonathan over at The VoIP Security Podcast for the warm welcome. This is the first time The VoIP Service Blog has been mentioned in their podcast, with a reference to my article on the FTC and SPIT.

It was actually pointed out that the article's humorous title, "New FTC rule to put an end to SPIT" was misleading, and I do agree that regulations alone are insufficient to "put an end to" anything. Getting into the article, I wrote that the FTC was "introducing a new ruling that will make it illegal to make unsolicited prerecorded telemarketing calls" which was also inaccurate, seeing as there would still be certain cases where it would be okay to use automatic prerecordings:
the Commission proposes a new TSR amendment that would make explicit that the TSR prevents sellers and telemarketers from delivering a prerecorded message when a person answers a telemarketing call, except in the very limited circumstances permitted in the call abandonment safe harbor, and when a consumer has consented, in writing, to receive such calls.
Again, thanks to Dan and Jonathan for pointing out these details. They also discussed the inclusion of VoIP for the first time in the SANS Top-20 Internet Security Attack Targets, plus an old VoIP security report that's suddenly making news, and other VoIP security news updates.


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