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Net Neutrality unaffected by today's elections

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Russell Shaw doubts that the outcome of today's midterm elections will make much difference in the Net Neutrality debate:
The House will likely go marginally Democrat- and committee chairs will change as a result. So the pro net-neutrality forces will make some noise, but not enough. Not every Democrat fully supports net neutrality, and not every Republican is adamantly opposed.
Unbelievably, there are shades of gray in Congress for this issue. Not everyone is black and white about it, and I'm encouraged by that.

It means neither of the extremes will have enough political clout to push their view over the other. If there's to be any progress, each side will have to soften their voice and get closer to the middle in order to pick up the votes of these gray-leaning Congressmen. Perhaps the moderate voices will win out after all.


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