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VoIP News Roundup for Nov. 12, 2006

Sunday, November 12, 2006

After a short hiatus, I'm just catching up on the news around the VoIP blogosphere. Here are some articles I found particularly interesting:

1. Skype 3.0 beta goes "Live"
The new version will have click-to-call, where any text phone number in your website browser will allow you to click it to make a SkypeOut call, and plug-in support which lists popular third party plug-ins as a new tab within Skype. The new Live tab also lists Skypecasts. All these new additions were previously available only on the Skype website, but are now integrated into the program interface itself.

2. Fierce 15 - Top VoIP Companies of 2006
Top VoIP services as compiled by FierceVoIP, in alphabetical order:
3. Linux "Hacker-Phone" in the works
The idea is to distribute a barebones device capable of making calls and text messages, but with expandable memory and an open API to encourage the development of a myriad of applications. Then, new users will be able to customize their phones any way they wish. Hackers who create new applications could be eligible for discounts. Oh, and did I mention the stylish design?

4. Linksys CIT310 Yahoo Messenger Phone reviewed

Linksys has followed up their CIT200 Skype phone with a new phone for Yahoo Messenger users. Great if you're tied to only one VoIP service, but what if you need more than one? I guess you could just wait for that Linux phone instead.


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