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Cable VoIP service may save Ohioans $4 billion

Friday, November 03, 2006

An economic study commissioned by the National Cable & Telecommunications Association has found that in Ohio, customers who subscribe to cable digital phone service will save an average of $135 per year compared to the standard phone service. That amounts to a possible $4 billion of savings for Ohio consumers over the next 5 years!
These projected savings are based on two primary factors:

- the amount that existing cable customers currently save by using lower-priced cable telephone service vs. the increased cost they would pay for service from the incumbent telephone providers (direct savings);
- the competitive response by the incumbent telephone providers to reduce their prices to compete with cable's new telephone service (indirect savings).
Well, it's a nice little publicity stunt for the cable companies, but there's some truth to that study. You really can save a bunch when you switch, especially if you make international calls.


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